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X-rays, Photography & 3D Scans

X-rays, Photography & 3D Scans

Low Radiation Digital XRays

Our digital radiograph system uses much less radiation than traditional film x-rays, equivalent to about the same amount you would get from being out in the sun on a summer day. Having annual digital radiographs allows us to zoom in order to be better able to spot any signs of decay, infection, or bone loss/gum disease early, when it is easier, faster, and cheaper to fix a potential problem!

Intraoral & Extraoral Photography

Ever tried to look at your top back molar in a mirror? It’s almost impossible. Using a combination of up close intraoral cameras and outside-the-mouth DSLR cameras, we can show you exactly what we see with your teeth and gums, and help you understand what we’re talking about. Taking photos of your teeth also helps when communicating with your insurance company, as well as with the laboratory that is making your custom-shaded crown, bridge, or veneer.

3D Scans

This is one of the more ground-breaking advances in dentistry. Our 3-D technology has far less radiation compared to the machines used in hospitals and the medical field, yet provides us with a lot of useful information about your oral health. With one image, we can examine your upper and lower jaws in 3 views for bone cysts, certain tumours, airway issues, jaw joint degradation, sinus infections, chronic infections around any of your teeth roots, and the shape and positions of the nerves in and around teeth, which helps make treatment more predictable.

Picture of dental xrays